Website Reviews: National Park Service’s River, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program

The RTCA program leverages National Parks Service expertise in project planning and management by acting as consultants who can help facilitate trails, river conservation and other resource management projects for communities across the country.

Website Reviews: Marine Corps

The Marine Corps website is designed to make both the servicemen and civilians aware of what is going on within this sub-agency of the Department of the Navy. As such, the site is to be used by both servicemen and civilians and is directly structured in such a way as to be accessible by both.

Mobile App Reviews: Congressional Record

The Congressional Record app provides users with mobile-friendly PDF versions of the Daily Edition of the Congressional Record. It also displays the most recent bills, resolutions, treaties, and nominations being considered on the floor of the House and Senate.

You also have access to government information librarians through the Government Information Online (GIO) virtual Ask A Librarian service.  These librarians are experts at finding information from government agencies of all levels (local, state, regional, national international) on almost any subject.

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